Commissioned by Ogilvy London to shoot the launch campaign for the new Ford Transit Custom, comprising of over 100 changes to the previous model.
I developed the creative brief with the team at Ogilvy and realised that the majority of the new features were under the ‘skin’ of the vehicle and came up with the idea to reference the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind and created a special effects treatment of light coming from inside the Transit. 
Ive included both RAW and final images so you can see the amount of work that goes in to making an amazing automotive shot. A key aspect of automotive photography is to visualise what the finished image can look like and capture the rights assets for the post production team. For example the first image of the car (grill) is made up of many 'plates', with separate shots for the grill, headlights, hood highlight, hood shadow details, badge, badge highlight.
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