I always enjoy working in the automotive space and to show some of the work that goes in to a great automotive project, Ive included both RAW and final images. A key aspect of automotive photography is to visualise what the final image can look like and capture the rights assets for the post production team. For example the first image of the car will have many different 'plates', with separate shots for highlights, shadows. This series of images heavily relied on great post production, as you can see the original backgrounds are very busy and took many hours of cleaning and CGI building to get the minimal look.

The McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 championship winning car of Lewis Hamilton from 2008.

The iconic Mercedes SL Coupé. (Black car)

The powerful Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster. (White car)

The elegant Mercedes 190Sl. (Silver car)
Thank you to the team at Mercedes World for allowing me access to these beauties;
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