Porsche Taycan Grand Tourismo GTS

Motion Design,
Creative Direction.

Super excited to share my latest personal Motion Design piece.

For this film, i was driven to create something with high energy and delicious visuals, using one of my favorite songs and cars, the Porsche AG Taycan Grand Tourismo GTS and Hey Boy Hey Girl, by the Chemical Brothers.

I always love long swooping 'one take' camera movements and decided this would set the tone for this piece. Disceting the song, i split the timing into 3 catergories, beat, vocal and mood changes. I animated the car, lights and camera to these different elements, hoping they would sync, and looking at the whole film, i feel they do ;)

As ive mentioned many times before i simply love the possibility of Virtual Production, of which the limts are generally your time and imagination.

Thanks for watching!

*This is a personal project, not associated with Porsche and dear Mr Chemical Bothers, i simply love this song and totally respect if you wish for the film to be unpublished.

Tools used, Cinema 4D / Redshift, After Effects, Audition.



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